Welcome to the

what the hell is this

Welcome to the Sonipelagic Zone (11,000 or more metres below sea level). Hand over your penis. And make it snappy.

This is a little something I made to express my RESPECT and ADORATION and LOVE for the Sonic franchise. Buckle up... I don't know what I'm putting on here yet but it's gonna be pretty awesome.

why are you doing this

I can't give you a special story about how I had every article of Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise as a kid, because I didn't. I wasn't even super into Sonic as a kid. But I did play as many games as I could find, and pretty much grew up with this franchise even if it was casually. It's telling how important a franchise can be to a generation—even if you don't see Sonic every day, it's always there for you, like a friend. Everyone knows and loves Sonic! So in my later teen years I'm learning to fully appreciate the games I did play as a child. My favourite characters are Sonic, Eggman, Rouge, Cream and Silver, and I'd say my favourite game is between Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Advance 2.

This isn't the first Sonic shrine and it won't be the last... it might not even be the most complete. But it's something that makes me happy and that's all that really matters to me.

no fucking way