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Hello! It's great to see you. This is my personal website, where I can express the things I can't quite put into words. I would say this is my fungal culture of autism, as I LIKE FUNGI and I am on the AUTISTIC SPECTRUM. I will answer a few questions you may or may not have:

Why "dismas"?

Dismas Mersiv is a character from the comic Vast Error. It is a Homestuck fancomic (even though the creators try very hard to separate the two). Ever since he was introduced I felt a connection to him because he is a lot like me. He is one of the fictional characters I relate to the most, so I thought it'd only be appropriate (and fun) to make a website based on him. He's the guy I drew on the left.

This site is a bit of a design disaster... why are you using Times New Roman? What is that background???

I like how it looks :)

What got you into site building?

Well like a lot of other people there's the lack of autonomy on other platforms (like drag-and-drop site builders) and the fact my friends were into it. A few of their buttons are on my "friends" section.

Speaking of... do you have a button?

Right here.

How can I contact you?

You can email me or send me a request on Discord.

How can I make one of these "web-site" doohickeys?!


About the webmaster

I think it's such a silly way of referring to myself but it's technically correct. This is going to be super disorganised, because I can't seem to stay on one thought for too long, but here goes...

Hello, as you may have guessed from the header my name is Oscar, I'm male, I'm Puerto Rican, and I speak Spanish and English. I have five dogs and a cat named Céline Dion! I live in a little house about five minutes away from my grandma's, which means I can go eat breakfast with her every Sunday. I go to a great school where everyone loves to talk, even if you don't have much in common. It's really hot where I live, but I wear flannel shirts over my tees anyway. When I go to the city I like feeding corn to the pigeons; sometimes they eat from my hands! I can come off as a little airheaded but I'd like to say it's because taking things too seriously bores me (I would refer to myself as silly). I think I'm a sharp person and I love to make conversation. I also think there is always something to be grateful for in a situation.

I guess here are my interests since they're what most people are eager to know. I want to pursue ophthalmology and apiculture (very different things I know) in the future! My favourite movies are Rango, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Reanimator and Chicken Little.

My favourite videogames of all time are the MOTHER series, Terraria and⁠—this may come as a surprise to people who know me⁠—The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I don't play it often at all, but it is so rich with memories of a younger time that it feels unfair not to include it. I used to play it on the GBA that my dad handed down to me and it got me through a tough overseas move. I really like old games like that. I wouldn't say at all that I was a "90s kid" (I wasn't alive then) but I was surrounded by people from that era who were interested in sharing their childhood with me.

My favourite books are the Origami Yoda series (which you will probably see me talking about a lot), The Catcher in the Rye and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. My favourite shows are Breaking Bad and M*A*S*H although I don't watch a lot of television!

My parents are 100% responsible for my music taste (from Nirvana to Muse to Taylor Swift to my cat's namesake...) except for maybe my uncle who introduced me to Depeche Mode. My favourite musicians/bands are Rage Against the Machine, Car Seat Headrest, SWANS, Death Grips, Nirvana, Ecco2k, Denzel Curry, Daniel Johnston, JPEGMAFIA and Lemon Demon (booo shut up he's cool). I've also been listening to a lot of Harvey Danger lately. I love listening to new music! Send me recommendations!

Not to be dramatic but I am making this website from my blood sweat and tears—the previous one didn't really speak to me so I made a brand-new one with my newfound knowledge. Of course I am seeking help from loved ones and strangers on the internet... but this feels a lot more authentic than the last one because it helps me look back and see how much I've learned (I'm never using flexbox to lay out my page again...) I hope you love it just as much as I do, with its imperfections and all.


here are my mutuals!

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Oh god it's been a whole month again. Welp. I'm working on a Sonic shrine (maybe I should actually make a page for shrines first but meh). I haven't had time to do a lot of coding though because of finals and stuff. Hopefully I'll have more time in the summer but we'll see.


Hey! So I know it's been a while since I updated... But this past week I've been working on my character page! Most of them are Homestuck OCs, but don't be fooled, I'm not really into Homestuck anymore. I just focus on fansessions if that makes sense, they're my new Homestuck. (I'm not into Vast Error either...) This totally comes off as denial, actually. But seriously I'm not really interested in having a prolonged discussion about Homestuck or Vast Error so I'm sorry for misleading you. ANYWAYS, I'm totally not gonna finish the characters page anytime soon, it'll take a super long time. I'm still messing with how the page looks and I'm not even done writing the first guy's bio. But I'm really confident.


So I'm working on the activity section and I like how it looks, I wasn't originally intending on the Earthbound gif marquee but I guess it's there now. I'm pretty proud of it since I winged it. Now I'm trying to figure out how to make the image open in a new tab on click... it doesn't seem to be working?! I'm pretty sure I have the code right... Oh well. Guess that's something new to learn! Edit: I figured it out!!! This whole time I was using a src attribute instead of href...oops. We all make dumb mistakes I guess.


Good morning wonderful people! I'm adding my friends and mutuals to my "friends" section and hopefully more buttons in the marquees. I gotta say I'm really happy with how my homepage is turning out. I've also been seeing new people following me... hello! I'll be adding you to that section shortly! Welcome and make yourself at home! By the way... I have a button now!!!


I added some gradients to my site since it looked kind of plain... I kind of love it. It looks crappy in the best way. I also added a bunch of buttons, I started at about 1400 and its 2100 now. This morning there were only the "Welcome", "About me" and changelog sections... now there's two marquees with tacky backgrounds and all! Also I'm watching Donnie Darko with my friends... it's pretty... interesting. (I love it.) Kielljoy might post a movie review on it! Please follow him if you haven't already! He's one of my best friends. Klef is another best friend and it's also on Neocities. Once my "friends" section is finished my other friends will get the spotlight too!


Phew! Made major updates to my site today. It finally feels like it's coming together. It should be a national holiday! Technically, it's the second of April now, but since I stayed up and didn't go to sleep... I count it as one day. Welp, I'm probably gonna go to bed now that I mention it... see you soon!

john coltrane >> central park west (bill wurtz cover)

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