This is a page dedicated to my love for the band Radiohead. I only started seriously listening to them recently, but let me tell you I fell in love quickly and VERY HARD. I'm totally enamored with their music and I'm really happy to share that love with you. I'll relax with all the modified bears, they are just fun to draw.

All images are created by myself or Stanley Donwood. GIFs of the band are taken from gifingradiohead.


"Creep" never really found its way as a popular song into my radar. I remember that the first Radiohead song I ever heard was "Airbag". I was 13 when I decided to listen to OK Computer and see what all the fuss was about. I had shuffle on by mistake and the next song that came on was "Climbing Up The Walls". It freaked me out so much that I did not make an effort to listen to the rest of the album, and I did not touch Radiohead again.

My next experience with Radiohead was years later, when a cover of "Weird Fishes" found itself in my Spotify Discover Weekly. I don't know why it recommended the cover and not the original. Nothing really indicated it was a cover so I was convinced that this version was the original and I listened to it for months none the wiser.

My dear friend played some Radiohead songs off Hail to the Thief and OK Computer through a Discord bot in February 2022 and I really enjoyed them. They were "Karma Police", "A Wolf at the Door", "Fitter Happier" (lol) and "No Surprises". I remember my favourite being "Karma Police", it really stuck with me.

Sometime in early 2022 I got "Bodysnatchers" off In Rainbows in my Discover Weekly and I enjoyed it, and the first time I heard "Creep" was during a pool party at my friend's house. That was the first time I had EVER heard the song through to the end. This was like, a couple months ago. Like in March 2022. I think that pool party was the definitive catalyst to me listening to Radiohead. I didn't want to be out of the loop anymore. I didn't even like "Creep" that much but to discover that a song that huge completely got past me made me reconsider my apprehension against listening to lame depressing dad music. Well, I guess it wasn't enough to keep me away from The Wall...or Hatful of Hollow...

Anyways I think that's the comprehensive history of my relationship with Radiohead. After becoming familiar with their discography I downloaded a bunch of music videos that I have on my 404 page. For inspiring me to listen to more of their music and ultimately make this page I blame Kielljoy and Selin.




Incredibly mid album. It's okay I guess. I don't say that to subscribe to the popular opinion, it's genuinely shrunk on me since I first listened to it. It starts off strong, gets really underwhelming in the middle, and recovers at the end. I want to like it but meh. I don't think it's very polished, and I don't think it's very creative. There are some fantastic ideas scattered throughout it like in "You" and "Blow Out", and I think the latter is the best possible segue into The Bends. Both get stuck in my head constantly. But it feels like it tries to be something it's not, like Radiohead weren't meant to write commercial power ballads.

I will say thinking about it makes me smile, it's a very endearing project. But that is with context, because I know that they move on to make really great music and it feels like a time capsule of what Radiohead used to be. On its own, I don't think it can carry the weight that "Creep" burdened on it.

Favourite Tracks: Blow Out, You



I LOVE THIS ALBUM! Fuck it is so good. I love it because it is so punchy and full of energy. Even the sadder songs are a little groovy. There is a lot of originality too. Every song paints such a beautiful picture! It's also such a cohesive album. Every track feels like a song from The Bends. "Planet Telex" starts off strong and sets the mood immediately, the tremolo makes it super spacey (like the title), and "Street Spirit" is insane and leaves me satisfied but wanting to listen to the whole album again. I know that when I first heard it I was super excited for what I signed up for.

I tick off a star because I don't think it's up there with some of their later projects. I can't give both The Bends and Kid A five stars because I think they're totally on different levels. It also gets points removed because I grew up listening to a lot of bands that "tried to be Radiohead" during this era specifically so listening to stuff like "Black Star" just makes me feel like a dad but that's not their fault I blame my dad and the radio. Either way I respect the craftsmanship but it's not my favourite Radiohead album.

Favourite Tracks: Street Spirit (Fade Out), Planet Telex, My Iron Lung, Fake Plastic Trees



This fucking album dude. This was a trip. I'm so happy I got to listen to it and enjoy it. This is the first Radiohead album I listened to all the way through so it definitely will have a place in my heart for a long time.

It's not my favourite album by Radiohead but it is a beautiful one, I think it is so special. It's so symbolic to Radiohead I think, it totally shaped them as a band (unfortunately especially due to the tour burnout). I think OKC is Thom Yorke's coming-of-age album. I don't know how to begin to talk about this album intelligently. It is such an experience. Every song is where it should be, in the order it is meant to be in and in the way it flows.

Favourite Tracks: Paranoid Android, Electioneering, Karma Police



This is my favourite Radiohead album.

I love everything about this album. I think it is so innovative, such a nice surprise. I'm so happy it exists, because it was like a warmup for their next work, but it still feels so complete. It is responsible for the diversity of their discography. Every song belongs in this album, even the standouts. "How to Disappear Completely" is so distinct from the rest of the tracklist but still so beautifully Kid A. "Treefingers" follows it up perfectly, so the flow stays consistent. There is so much thought put into this electronic chaos of an album.

It also has great replay value. I've listened to the album all the way through at least 5 times. It's rewarding, exciting and unique. There is so much to pull out of each listen of "Idioteque" and "Motion Picture Soundtrack". It never gets old... it's like looking at it at a different angle, because there is a new feeling to discover with this album every time. I could talk about it all day if I had the words to describe how it makes me feel. It's just wonderful. Fucking amazing album.

Favourite Tracks: Idioteque, Motion Picture Soundtrack, Everything in Its Right Place



Favourite Tracks: Dollars and Cents, Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box, Pyramid Song



Favourite Tracks: A Wolf at the Door, Sail To The Moon



worst album ever made

Favourite Tracks: Bodysnatchers, Weird Fishes, House of Cards, Videotape, 15 Step


idk yet

Favourite Tracks: none



Favourite Tracks: Burn the Witch, Identikit, Decks Dark, True Love Waits

The voices.

It'd be awesome if I could go to a Radiohead live show. I've watched a lot of recordings on YouTube and they look like the most awesome thing ever. Some songs I WOULD KILL to see live:

  • !!! Karma Police !!!
  • True Love Waits
  • Electioneering
  • Exit Music (for a Film)
  • Paranoid Android
  • House of Cards
  • Everything in Its Right Place
  • Weird Fishes
  • How to Disappear Completely

I want to see "Karma Police" live for the crowd singing at the end. I think it's so magical and I'd love to be a part of it. Thousands of people chanting lyrics in the same room as the man who wrote them is special!

Something I'm excited about for when I turn 18 is travelling and being able to see my favourite bands on tour. Not just Radiohead but also Interpol, Rage Against the Machine and Car Seat Headrest. Even seeing local bands would be nice. I had to turn down an invitation to a local concert from my friend because I knew my parents would be stressing me out the whole time. Not that I blame them for being protective, but they can spoil the fun and I want to be independent before I do something special with a friend like that.